I like your way of smiling.

More precisely, it is the question of the meaning of life.

My brother has lived in England for more than thirty years.


How many eggs did you eat this morning?

Lucy is an American.

We sang in the choir when we were children.

Did you take him home?

He was clearly in trouble.

You had a stroke, didn't you?

Please don't ask unnecessary questions.

We're fair.

Everyone's looking for Gil.

I got there ahead of time.

We've got no room for error.


I climbed over the fence.


Guess what I was thinking.

Make a good translation of the sentence that you are translating. Don't let translations into other languages influence you.

I spent the weekend with them.


What subject do you like best?

I have a good sense of smell.

The situation was really difficult to deal with.


I kind of liked it.


I need to ask you about him.

It's up to you, Johnathan.

How soon can you get that done?


Maybe they just don't like you.

Japanese is a quantum language. It is to languages what quantum physic is to physics.

I thought Clay would understand.

It seems unlikely, but maybe it'll happen.

She never stays long.


Let me have another look.

I've been so scared.

The match ended in a draw.


She used to go mountain climbing with him.

I just now found this.

Is it true that you calculated this without a calculator?

He died a quick death.

You should always try your best.

I suggest that you put on some clean clothes.

To whom it is concerned he shall perceive.

You could hear the blast for kilometers.

Barrett finished everything on his plate.


I think you'll want to contact Erwin as soon as possible.


She'll get the better of you if you aren't careful.

We had a good laugh at Rodger's expense.

He was billed to appear as Romeo.

I'm not as young as Miek.

I think it should've been discussed.

Even Rome was built in one day.

Generally speaking, men are taller than women.


In a sense, such a political movement may be called a revolution.

I really shouldn't be here.

Don't burst into the room without knocking.


She's the woman I desire.


We said in unison that we didn't agree to the suggestion.


This is a wonderful book.


I'm very grateful to you for your help.


There's nothing we can do now.


You remind me of your mother.

Damon is really good at chess.

I'd like another cup of coffee.

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He will learn to do it in three hours.

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If Moe is looking for someone to blame, it'll be Cris.

I've always wanted to follow in your footsteps.

What gave me away?

They had a conversation about that.

That's not a bad question.

You are just the same as you always were.

Can I have a doctor look at me?


You must be crazy to ride a bicycle that has no brakes!

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The fireworks show was suspended after 30 minutes due to the thunderstorm.


Jealousy is always born at the same time as love, but it does not always die at the same time as love.


I want to hear from you.


Srikanth is in a coma and the doctors are not sure if he's going to live.

They fired me.

Let's see if I can't fluff up your pillow.


What with the heat and the humidity, I didn't sleep well.

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Let's take advantage of the 'exemption' controversy to reconsider the way we work.


Boyd didn't follow the rules.

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I want to take a vacation on a tropical island.


Paul wrote that song three years ago.

Is someone knocking on the door?

The workers were allergic to the harvest, and they also sneezed upon her.

There is no clock in my room.

I think we're pretty lucky.

Unable to pay the rent, I asked him for assistance.

The rain tapped against the window.

Boyd ordered the cheapest item on the menu.

They desecrated God's sanctuary.

That is the way things went for a while.

I don't remember her name anymore.

I was excited to come.

I'd like to try skydiving.

I give you five minutes to resolve this issue.

After English, German is the most popular foreign language in Russia.


Has this happened before?

John cannot keep his family.

How much time do you spend selecting the food that you will eat?

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Ronald got up quickly.

Herbert got out of the jeep.

We'll figure that out later.

I think my mom knows.

You'll get used to it.


Do you know anything about cameras?

Loren reached for Sergiu's hand.

He left his wife.

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Alastair kept crawling.

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Mohammad died during surgery.

He seems like a respectable businessman, but he's really part of the Mafia.

I resent your implication.

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Trolling is a art.


Sid is a quiet guy.

I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hello, how are you doing?


He ate up his fortune by gambling.

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I forgot my jacket.

He roars and groans the Dnieper wide.

Which team are you a fan of?

The stepmother was hard on her.

Television is an audiovisual medium.

Were you able to get any of the information we needed?

This knife doesn't cut well.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

They love each other.


How fast that dog runs!

Ahmed is the new man in charge.

I have just come here.

I wanted to hear from him.

Every time I go out, I forget something. Always!

I'll find somebody.

Paul borrowed three books from Tim.


Did you remember to turn off the lights?

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What time?


She was nervous before the entrance exam.

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I should have listened to you.


We need additional talented people.

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Things aren't easy.

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There's a leak in the roof.


Clyde is afraid that someone might kill him in his sleep.

I'm not convinced that Rudolf is the man for the job.

I can't ask him for that.

I'm not so sure about him.

I don't embroider their handkerchiefs.


Ian is grateful.

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How long did it take you to finish reading the book?

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Tor didn't tell me how much the gift for Ray cost.

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I was talking to you.