"Look but don't touch", says the fruit vendor.

We went to church.

He can play tennis very well.


A Japanese garden usually has a pond in it.


Side by side.


We're behind on schedule.


What did Marika say about life in Japan?


It's great to see you.

I know it's a crazy idea.

His son-in-law will be the heir to the enormous fortune.

Headlines are supposed to grab the reader's interest.

He came back from China.

You can trust him with any job.

The spider is spinning a web.

Guido loves studying music.

Maybe what you said is true.

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She is about as tall as me.

You'll have to make a toast but it's just a formality.

Herb and Jill have stopped talking to each other.

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We've got it.

Why did Tracey decide to study French?

I'm not going back.

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You don't need to pay for your lunch.

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That girl looks very pretty.


The truck carried a load of furniture.

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Can you pack it?

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This disorderliness is inexcusable.


You'd better be right.


Marla became a soldier.


They're just out of my price range.

Marion struggled to touch his toes.

Never have I seen such a big whale.


What do you think's out there?

I don't think it'll come to that.

Maybe this year we'll finally win Eurovision.


Venus is also known as the Morning Star.


All Thierry needed was money.

Change is needed.

I saw the pictures Fay took last weekend.

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Ahmet doesn't think there is any advantage of doing it the way you suggest we do it.


I met him last week for the first time in ages.

Don't risk your neck over something foolish.

I heard that you were out sick yesterday.

Benson got completely plastered.

He asked me if I had found it.

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He decided to be a lawyer.


Perhaps I haven't made myself clear.

Thirty television channels condemned the insurgency to give the impression of consensus, but all these channels were in the hands of three companies, each of whom had a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

I expressed my gratitude for what he did for me.

Excuse me, what time is it?

Are you going to marry him?


It's really nothing to worry about.

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We went by way of Taiwan.

Rain, rain go away!

I hear from him once in a while.

Jenine wants you to take us to school.

The treasure is finally in my hands!


They looked up at the sky.


Let's take it to court.

Lie on the couch.

Stanislaw doesn't carry much with him when he travels.


Billy is staying with a friend in Boston.


The bad weather prevented us from leaving.

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My parents don't like my girlfriend. They think that she's not good enough for me.

I need paper for a printer.

Price and I are busy tonight.

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Blessed is he who has found his work.

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Laurianne wasn't completely happy with the agreement.


He spoke with a suggestion of sarcasm in his voice.

Did you know that Jones was living in Boston?

Lee put away his clothes.


What were you doing when I called this morning?

I'm glad you had fun.

I saw him the other day.

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Lindsay would rather speak French.


Even tough it's such a big garden, it would be wasted if we let it get overrun with weeds.

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Who seeds wind, shall harvest storm.

I'll do everything I can to protect you.

You shouldn't have done that without my permission.

Everyone has their own way.

Wilmer was pretty worked up about an hour ago.

We should be someplace else.

I am okay.

Juha said he didn't want to buy anything for Donal.

Emily is the brightest girl in school.

That's not healthy.

I'll give you a lift home.

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Do you know what color she likes?


Blake isn't reliable.

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Why don't you try this? It's delicious, you know!


I see a lot, but understand little.

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I have a tight schedule this weekend.

One of the perks of my promotion is a chic, corner office with a great view of the skyline.

He was hostile to any attempts at rapprochement.


You should have a light on.

I think I can solve this problem without your help.

Weren't you expecting me?

No one knows how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built.

I ascertained that he was still alive.


The Party is always right.

I need a little time to reflect upon it.

He is my only passion in life.

Tyler started to sing.

I'm going to be late for the meeting.


The first drink is on me!

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These are the Faces of Evil. You must conquer each.


They will return.


With work, we can expand our markets.

I hate fish.

I will keep my fingers crossed.


Both of the brothers are dead.


The posters were immediately removed from the wall.


Yvonne is going to tell Brandi.


Josip will be here for a few days.

The Jacksons have invited us over for dinner tonight.

It really is a good movie.


Could you make a reservation for me?

What language do you speak with your parents?

Do something!

I suppose you'll be needing this.

You don't need to tell me how to do that.

Madness is repeating the same experience, expecting the results to be different.

He has been told by the doctor to give up smoking, but he cannot seem to give it up.

He put up a brave and lone struggle, but up against such heavy odds he couldn't get his business plan accepted.

I think I know why Luke got fired.


He discovered new music every day using the Internet.


He smelled like shit.

Omar can do anything he wants to.

The first time I had Sushi was fantastic.

The situation isn't particularly dangerous.

He played an important part like an axis.

Let's not be hasty.

It's been three months since Charles's accident.

She doesn't want to learn English.

A mother must protect her child's teeth from decay.

I hope I can be of some help to you.

This is fairly good except for minor mistakes.

I'd say you've had enough to drink.

I don't see any problem here.

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Donne isn't as good at French as he thinks he is.

Luc will never make it to school on time.

Gregory doesn't think that's right.

I just saw a shooting star.

Please let me see your passport and boarding pass.