I've never had a night like this.


You'll understand when the time comes.


They didn't find the bomb.


I never intended to hurt anybody.


I am convinced that he did nothing wrong.


My wife is very upset.


I have a few friends.

She always wears black.

I don't know what else to tell you.


Don't stop until I tell you.

Both sisters are very beautiful.

You must be out of your mind to say that.


Carl is a superstar.

I'm e-mailing to follow up on our phone conversation this morning.

He got tired of the work, and left it half-done.

Of those on the loud side, some people say they look like they're briskly working, while others say that they're just noisy.

Tor will remain.

I will be sixteen years old next year.

I need Judge in my life.

I would so much love to see you.

He was standing behind the door.


I want a little brother.


That would really make Sherman happy.


Talk to your friends.

Her hair was unkempt.

Florian switched the lamp off.

I wasn't as careful as I should've been.

I didn't see that.


This is our only hope.


Say please.

I hope we can help.

I took a picture at the decisive moment.

I'm pretty sure that Tandy would tell us if we were wrong.

My sister has been married for three years.

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She scorns liars.


I will be only too pleased to help you.


I ended up going over the top, drinking too much and having a terrible hangover the next day.


It's useless to deny it.

Well done, guys.

Spain controlled Florida.

There was a welcome mat in front of the door.

The smart boy could solve all the difficult problems with great ease.


I want to retire soon.


That's what I'd tell them.

I saw her yesterday morning.

He sat listening to the radio.

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You must plug in the connector first.


Space didn't invite me to his birthday party.

No one likes her.

Can you fix a toilet?

Joon became aware that Martha was staring at him.

I don't like this store.

Are you going to help me?

Neal left the party with Jorge.


Ajay is poor.


The surviving refugees longed for freedom.

Jiri still lives in Boston.

Tomorrow it will be closed.


Thuan wants your parking space.


I have no idea.

Tomorrow, it will be cold.

As a rule, the game of life is worth playing.

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I gave you explicit instructions not to touch anything.


It'll work out.

The proposal was adopted.

You can't control me, Novo.

We had our vacation at the lake.

Who should I call?


I should've done that.

The most important thing in a persons life is one's health.

That question is extremely difficult.

It was good talking to Radek.

Amanda is at school now.

Loyd was real competitive.

The last thing I want to do is leave you here alone.


Spencer believed what Pat told him.

Marsh was simply stating the obvious.

Did Toerless pay, too?


How exactly am I supposed to do that?

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You're as pale as a corpse.

I left home early so as to get a good seat.

Registration starts October 20th.


Planting forests is good for the environment.

Unlock it.

My father will retire at 60.

Cindie wore a silver locket in the shape of a heart.

I am prepared to put up with it for the time being.

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He lied about his age to get into the club.

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I'm sure Cyrus won't do that.

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He was supposed to call her at ten.

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She expected to have called on her mother in hospital.


I scoured the neighborhood.

She was furious.

I'm at the bank.

These are the miracles that we need!

You gave me hope.

Terri certainly fooled us all.

I know where everyone is.

Why is Klaudia's name not on the list?

How did you guess I was Nils?

Do you want to take a look?

Your time's almost up.


Could you pass me the salt?

They had a duty.

You are too big.

We turned the offer down.

Dustin is a better swimmer than Jane.

Gunter rolled out of bed at 6:30, shuffled into the kitchen and put two slices of bread into the toaster.

I don't read.


Al wanted to be with Martyn all the time.


Let's sit down and work this problem out.

If you set out early, you'll be in time for the train.

Johan's statement is pure nonsense.

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They plotted against the government.

What's your favorite slang expression?

Kristin didn't mean to step on Straka's foot.

Erik does not cry.

You may use my typewriter if you want to.


Rick was carrying some shopping bags.

I washed my shirt clean.

Every passenger is searched twice before boarding.

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I find them irresistible.

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Why don't we just agree to disagree?

Everyone knows that luck and wealth elicit envy.

I'd like to see the car before I rent it.


Our artificial island isn't very well forested yet.


We're going to take a shower together.

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Where's everyone?


He explained the reason at length.

Elvis came about 2:30.

She helps her.

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What do I tell them?

Vern closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

May you and your family be happy.


Some people say they can predict the future.


You should be ashamed of your folly.

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I want to thank you for what you did today.

I'm afraid I may hurt them.

Please tell them it's urgent.


The young girl sighed.


I'm good to go now.


From what I see, I'm not the only one with plum jam as my guilty pleasure.

I will grant that you are right on this point.

You're showing off again.