I need to call my lawyer.

I don't like Esperanto, because it is too difficult.

He had plenty of money for his trip.

I wanted to show you this.


I know why Seymour quit his job.


I have a friend in Boston.


Did you hear about Sandy and Vern splitting up?


Kiki took part in a promotional event.


He's a widower with three small children to take care of.

Are you still having difficulty with physics?

Eduardo staggered in.

We're still waiting for Melinda to do what he's been asked to do.

Pardon me. Where are the coin-operated lockers?


I could not refuse.

Ramiro went through all the files in the drawer.

I just figured out who you are.

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"What about me do you like?" "Everything."


Naoto snuggled down in his bed.

Far from respecting him, I dislike him.

You should acquaint yourself with the local customs.


Daren noticed Vishal had a tattoo on her ankle.


Pierre tasted the soup and said it was delicious.


I never get a break.

She made him rich.

The students of this school can get textbooks for free.

Ti said he'd have to reschedule.

You should probably buy a hat to wear.


Would you like some water?

You burned the French fries.

Emil's mean.

The university was founded by his father twenty years ago.

Roberta had enough money to buy a few groceries.


The teacher pointed out the grammatical errors made by the students.

Just tell us what you want us to do.

I felt used.


He has taken all this trouble for nothing.


Lord! I object.

I'd like you to pay attention.

I play computer games.


How long have you lived in Sanda?

He likes to play kickball.

It isn't right.

It was the first time I'd walked along the Mogami River.

He blamed me for the mistake.


I feel terrible today.

You've done that.

He behaved himself like a man.


The door opened and a man came in.

Hey, I may have no money, but I still have my pride.

That's my best guess.

I admitted that Patrick was right.

Let's try to find a way to help Thierry.

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We anticipate success.

He ruined his health by working too much.

I have no more than ten books.

He drives a breakdown lorry.

How did you know one was missing?


Can you bet your butt that it's true?

This is sometimes called the walk of shame.

Tatoeba is like a garden: you must plant seedlings, tend to them and watch them grow.

SNAFU is an acronym expressing the enlisted man's resigned acceptance of chaos. Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.

We bought the newspaper.


To lose faith in God is to lose your points of reference.

Time is getting short.

This morning I have solved the problem, but maybe there are still further problems.

We don't understand French.

You'll wear yourself out with all that pacing.

We have to stop.

Oh, you! If you go around with a face like that, I'll have to demote you back down to 'friend' again.

This house has two bathrooms.

Everyone has gone towards the ruin regardless of warnings.

Maybe Hazel isn't as stupid as he looks.

That's not what I was doing.

Raman was rude to Clifford.

We need supplies.


When was the last time you made your wife happy?

That bicycle isn't his.

Am I being punished?


I had to stay behind to help Sedovic.


This will be the book you are looking for.

I have already been waiting for him for several years.

It was a great loss.

You need to do this.

Mr Brown has a magical way with children.

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My feet are always cold.

If he was to return at seven o'clock, why didn't he?

Is friendship more important than love?

Have you made out the check yet?

Do you have any free time after tomorrow?

What are some cute hairstyles for girls?

Instead of watching television, the children played outside.

He was very tall and slim, with long arms and legs.

You would feel the happiest person in the world.


The eldest of the three boys is Bjorne.


It was all planned.


You'll learn in time that a stitch in time saves nine.


Suwandi isn't sure how to respond to that.

How many kilos of meat did you buy?

I received great benefit from your teaching.

Suppose we change the subject.

Christofer won't tell anyone where he was last weekend.


He gave me one last chance.


Lend me your ears!

Get it? You've got to study a foreign language.

I'll have Ravindranath go right away.

Sharan didn't have the nerve to show up.

Almost everybody does that.

It rained two days ago.

Are you going along?


The cat is writing a book.


I have more dresses than my sister.

That hotel was established about 50 years ago.

Never in my life have I seen such a peaceful sight.

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I will call you in a few minutes.


Someone's at the door.

I don't want to get involved in this.

I eat meat almost every day.

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He is bad at driving.

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He let me stay for a night.

Why are you so disappointed?

That sounds like Leonard.

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Do you have a voucher?

I do want it.

I need your answer by the end of the day.


They hated being here.

I neither expect nor require any special treatment.

Peggy said that Gretchen was drunk.

I shouldn't have drunk so much.

I stretch before exercising to prevent injury.

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How would you describe me?


Trust me, I've been there.


This person particular person will run.


I'll put off my visit to England till the weather is warmer.


Tell me what I want to know.

Can you take me to her?

She wants to become a citizen.

Sugih has to leave immediately.

Somebody took a shot at us.

The plane came in 30 minutes late.

I have to do my homework instead of going out.

Lately I can't seem to be able to stop drawing stoats.

I know you were the one who broke the window.


I didn't know Wendell was unhappy here.


Give me your knife.

You look pale as a ghost.

Timo was ever so careful to be on his best behaviour when he met his future mother-in-law.

An apple is round in shape.

Most of the plants died.

I don't know Rakhal anymore.

What did Courtney do with the gun?

Ravi ordered the dog to sit.

Juri's plane went missing.

That was exactly what she intended.

Do you get me? Understand? Dig? Are you hip?