Janet bought a skirt and a blouse.

It is necessary that he follow my advice.

Yes, why not?

It was interesting seeing how the speakers expressed various kinds of emotions while they were speaking.

My kids are coming to see me.

The guard was on duty all night.


Are you feeling nauseated?

So it isn't new.

If this organization is left as it is, it will soon go bankrupt; its recovery is as difficult as swapping horses while crossing a stream.


They're in the well.


Say that work is 8 hours, it feels like the three hour commute time is also work but you don't get any money for it. What a waste.

Does anybody have a better idea?

Audrey is at most 13 years old.


Alberto will have to be replaced.


Not a man among them could lift the weight.

She had a sexual encounter with him.

The rest is history.

He is a doctor and also a novelist.

You could lose everything if you're not careful.

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I have an orderly lifestyle.


Did you deliver the note to Seenu?

He studied on his own account.

Phill looks a lot like his father.

Everything seems in order.

I need caffeine.


He is slow to decide, but he is quick to act.

Were you at the courthouse?

It never occurred to me that she was ill in hospital.


Are Lance and Jeany still there?


Melinda got a tattoo.

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You can use my car if you drive carefully.


Your pronunciation is more or less correct.

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Johnny secretly agreed with Elijah.

World War II was carried on until 1945.

If you're not out of the shower in five minutes, I'm cutting the hot water!

How do you like your job, Barbra?

Stay here with her.

Norman retreated to her bedroom after dinner.

She deleted her Facebook account.

I heard that a woman stabbed a man for eating her lunch.

What's wrong with Boston?

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Have you ever studied archaeology?

This is rather common.

Why would anyone try to stop us?

You guys are crazy.

Is it true that Hungarians hate the number seven?


They didn't speak English very well.

Both he and I were members of that club.

My mother gets up earlier than I.


We stayed overnight in Hakone.

I study Korean.

Repentantly, the boy confessed everything he had done to the police.


Elric said it was raining.

I'd like to take a look around.

He solved the problem with ease.

The cat was strutting around the yard, when it suddenly ran into the house.

Values can't be changed overnight.


Gideon needed to buy food.

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Please keep your voices down.


Will you do me the honor of dining with me?


Ray washed his hands and face.


Louiqa made the right choice.

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Pat said he didn't like the taste of beer.

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I told you I got fired.


I began to be afraid you would never come back again.

Tait drinks only bottled water.

Rabbits can swim.


He's been having trouble with back pain for years.

I'm going to get out of town.

She looks better today than when I her saw last.

He has some grave defects, but I think he is a great scholar all the same.

I'll check back with you in a few hours.

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You have very sexy legs.


He went on working.

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Do you like oranges?

Can I pay online?

It's my turn to walk home.

Does Lui know why Polly doesn't want to go to Boston with us?

We know each other pretty well.

You should investigate the fact from a medical viewpoint.

We had Helen paint the wall.

Lenny finally lost his temper.

I used to like Boston, too.

Though he was a child, he made up his mind to do the work himself.

I wish I'd gotten a chance to meet Barry.


Don't you know that?

You'd have done the same for me.

This is a very famous haiku poem by Basho.

The car continued to put on speed.

I think you're still in love with Joon.

Don't treat people the way you wouldn't like to be treated.

I'd like to introduce you to my friend.

I think I've found enough for everybody.

Hey, look what I got.

There is no bus service to the village.

Rain or shine, the opening ceremony is to begin at nine.

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Olaf had seen Jim with John on more than one occasion before and finally figured out that they were seeing each other.

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It's a lot easier for Russians to learn Spanish, than it is for Spaniards to learn Russian.


Darrell got straight A's in school.

The girl was sick for home.

He saved money for his old age.

How would you answer this question?

I knew all about that.


Erik disagreed.

I'm right beside you.

I'll have her call you when she gets back.

There are too many tourists.

Pria put the milk back into the refrigerator.

Maybe you can get Merat to run the marathon with you.

I didn't think Sonja would want to go with us.

Maybe I don't need him.

Please turn on the radio.

I'm as fit as I've ever been.

His pyjama top had blood stains on it.

The moon landing was a monumental achievement.

In general, Susie is a nice student.

He apologized for having offended her.

Audrey asked me if I was angry.

Lowell just loves pineapple upside-down cake.

My sister got engaged.

Don't tease us.

Where would you like me to put your suitcase?

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Isabelle is a very fast swimmer.

Doug would rather speak French.

We need some formal instruction in literature.

Is Carlo on our team?

The tower stood among ruins.

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It has recently been suggested that calorie restriction alone has anticonvulsant effects in an animal model of epilepsy.

I remember posting the letter yesterday.

Jane had a very boring weekend.


I believe in my teammates.

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What are your plans now?

He loves to eat.

I polished Gregg's shoes.

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You should have told me.


I was really emotional.


Dan was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife.


I have not asked for help, nor do I desire it.

I've had no problems with Nate.

The school needed a new teacher.

Gail has gone to school.

So be it!


You're starting to bother me.

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Reconciliation among religions is the foundation of world peace.

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Her mention of his name rang a bell.


We should make the most of every opportunity in our life.


We have a stock of toilet paper.

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We were unable to follow his logic.

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The police continued their investigation.


It would be crazy not to do that.