Artificial light is produced by means of electricity.

Where did Jeanette live before he moved here?

You're making this up.

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I'm not kidding!

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I am greatly indebted to you for all you have done for me.


My father took us to the zoo.


She wished it would stop raining by noon.

I thought Kieran had convinced Lloyd not to buy that.

The door will lock automatically when you go out.


That is our school.

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Would Ahmet accept your help if you offered it?


Speak slowly and clearly.


You wanted me to get a job, so I did.

Mark is finished.

That girl smiled and waved to me.


It's a guest room equipped with soundproofing with an emphasis on privacy.

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Have you ever even met Cliff?

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They work together.


Blayne knew that John was a fugitive.


It happened just like this.

Jim looked left and right before crossing the street.

Harmon is out of the country.

They all need attention.

A cat was sleeping in the bass drum.


I'm sorry I didn't trust you.

Things are getting serious.

Nora shouldn't be with us.

Juan doesn't mind.

How is that done?


We weren't able to determine her whereabouts.

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Sofia asked for permission to use the phone.

All but David were present.

What do you get if you cross a hedgehog and a snake? Five feet of barbed wire.


Make sure you talk to Ritchey before you leave.

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I found some other problems.


Mike, can I borrow your phone?


I've been writing letters.

Did we miss anything?

Please don't tell anyone yet.


Maybe you should call the police.

My parents are against my marriage.

He is an authority on criminal law.


Beverly has been asking questions.

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Micah started to take off his jacket.

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They live in constant fear.

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Tell me Julius's email address.


Dustin didn't seem to understand anything.


He was crying.

They made me an apple-pie bed, the bastards!

I was crazy about him.

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I know every word of every song that Denis ever wrote.


I still don't understand women.

A horrendous situation developed. We hope the government can find a satisfactory solution.

If you need my help, all you have to do is ask.

I'm fine, too, thank you.

Why do you do it?

I think your eyes are very beautiful.

It's a stupid tradition.

It's a bad omen.

I need your signature.

"Think outside the box." "What box?"

I know all the numbers, colors and things at home by heart.

It looks like rain. We should close the windows.

It is not necessary to be meticulous.


Tracey is afraid to go to the dentist.

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You like tennis, don't you?


You're babbling.

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I'm not Italian.

Could you speak louder? I'm hard of hearing.

Vance is under extreme pressure.


Tears came into my eyes when I was chopping onions.

I've decided not to study French anymore.

She came out of the shop to find thieves had made off with her bicycle.

That's the friend to whom I gave the key.

This stuff is terrific.

I just want to know what I'm getting involved with.

Keep as many as you need.

The princess did not like this at all, and one day she complained about it very bitterly to her nurse.

Isaac thinks that the reason Frederic big-notes himself all the time is that he never had his father's approval as a child.

Cathryn and Bryan bought a house in the suburbs.

All pumps and alarm systems failed, and large amounts of water flooded into the Oslofjord Tunnel three days ago.

Melinda seems to know what he wants.

I saw Joe at the restaurant.

Dan had numerous girlfriends.

Are you a golfer?

Galaxies are islands separated by enormous distances.

June fifth is World Environment Day.

Oscar learned Mongolian solely for the "party effect", namely, in order to show off at gatherings.

Get them away from me.

You can't just laugh it away.

Jose had a rhinoplasty.

Tell him what happened.

I had hoped to save more money.


Man is a social animal.


I'm giving them to her tomorrow.

Many fish died.

I pretended to work.


I wonder what happened to her.

Do you want these?

Hans must swallow the bitter pill.


He is bent on becoming a doctor.


He was hard to please.

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Roberta is wondering about what to do next.

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She searched about for her lost boy.

I haven't seen him for a very long time.

Let me tell you how to do that.

Stop carping!

I'm Irish.

Plastic doesn't have to stay here.

Lawrence tipped the waiter.

Are you bringing your camera?

It's your duty.


Please take a rest for a few days.


Dorian fled the scene.


A car, a bicycle, an airplane, a boat, and a train are all means of transportation.

I might as well tell you, too.

I had a lot on my mind.

The most beautiful girls are from Lithuania.

Do you translate lyrics?

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It was a rush job.


Where is Banja Luka?

The bell is ringing.

The thin man took a rest in the shade of a shrine.

The food is ready.

We've been good friends for years.

How do you cast spells?

I try not to get too involved in the games I watch on TV, but I always end up in a bad mood if my favorite team loses.


It was out of the ordinary for Chris to behave so roughly.

That young lady is a nurse.

It's shameful to treat a child so cruelly.

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Dumb people like Dan can be found everywhere.

All the arrangements should be made prior to our departure.

You're lucky it didn't rain yesterday.

Giant pandas live only in China.

This sentence makes no sense at all.

The name of the man I met yesterday is Mr. Hill.

We are expecting company this evening.


Do you think it's going to snow?

Haven't you two already talked?

This is the last sentence I added to the Tatoeba project.

Go tell her how you feel.

That's useful, isn't it?

Tell him to come see me.

Audrey was sitting in his car outside the restaurant.


I'm also a Jew.

Nothing is more delightful for me than to talk with him.

I haven't heard from Perry since he moved to Boston.


My eye is bleeding.