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The company was transferred to a new man.

I managed to repair my car by myself.

It's not easy sharing your secrets.

The influx of foreign workers has caused a serious housing problem in this area.

Fire will burn you if you touch it.

Francisco has lived in Boston for most of his adult life.

Lea found Lars hiding in the closet.

Do you like the taste of beer?

It's hard to please Mr. Hoshino.


Brent handed Mikey the scissors.

I don't know what's going to happen to you.

Please be patient with me.


I got hit by a car.

I wanted to be a bus driver when I was five.

You have to tell me the truth.

He was very affectionate with his parents.

Mine is bigger than yours.


Water is life.

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I can't figure out why nobody comes here anymore.

I haven't asked them yet.

What do you like in Germany?


He is a husband for an hour.


To the best of my recollection, Sho used to hang out mostly with Jerry up until the day he met Allan.

What's your favorite boy's name?

I've just seen him.

It seems it'll rain tomorrow.

Can you get a ticket for me?


I need children's fever medicine.

It's a type of body piercing.

I was wondering why you weren't here.


All the members were present.

He is advised to go on a strict diet.

Bruno is more popular than me.

There are a lot of sights in Kyoto.

The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting peace in the world.

He is wearing glasses.

Everyone left us alone.


He is far from poor, in fact he has a lot of money.


Why is the door locked?

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Kieran kept watch.

Everyone stared at Dory in disbelief.

I am sorry to have taken up your valuable time.


I've been waiting for Vance to get here.


It was exactly like you said it would be.

Mitchell is planning to study abroad next year.

Let me reiterate what I've said.

She planted fragrant olives in the garden.

I want him to solve the problem.

Not that I know of.

This has gone far enough.


I've already told them everything.

No one could've predicted that.

Raghu has a thick beard.


That coat is just the style I've been looking for.

Who's your favorite player on our basketball team?

She advised him to leave earlier.

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If you explain everything in medical jargon, it's impossible that everyone understands immediately.

There's no chance of rain today.

Ravindran Hat was in New Orleans this week.


Another step, and you'll fall over the cliff.


He was left alone in the center of the stage.

I'm sure I can find her.

Rick didn't give me what I asked him for.

This stuff is disgusting.

A two-legged donkey can become general and remain a donkey.


That's not the right answer.


My girlfriend dumped me.

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Can I pay online?

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Hwa is a true professional.

Margie is speaking.

Do you remember the first time we went to Boston together?

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I hadn't planned to do that, but I can if you really want me to.

Saify isn't in any danger.

Vampires change shape.

You didn't seem certain.

I've been doing some calculations of my own.

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Treat your servant more kindly.

Gregge has been very naughty, hasn't he?

That's not Theodore.


He protected his country from foreign invaders.

I ate lunch earlier than you did.

I have a couple of friends who used to live in Boston.

It should be possible to change that.

For how long has your head been hurting?


After battling cancer for several years, he finally passed away at the age of 87.


We are at sea level here.


The accident happened on a side street.

Jim barricaded himself in his room.

He is the person whom I saw yesterday.

Keep your place.

Even the wealth of the wide sea will be diminished, if the cloud that has drawn (its waters) up gives them not back again (in rain)

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So, you're not coming?

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Thank you for your visit.

He's rich. You should give him a try.

I'll find my own way out.


Come on guys, let's get along!

I'll tell him you asked.

What are you?


I'm dying to see Boston.

I'll trade you something for it.

I went to the baker's.


They were outside.

I know for certain that Straka is seriously ill.

I wonder why Patty was so angry.

Tell Jiri to wait.

They were lying on the grass.


Love moves the world.

You're very hard to understand.

I've got some studying to do.

Lukas is quick tempered and violent.

I went for a drive in the country.

Gale is richer than anyone else here.

Students here get their textbooks for free.

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He is bound by his promise.

With this noise, I couldn't sleep a wink.

She left home at age thirteen.

Use your own money.

The streets emptied in the night.

Spencer looked up at the ceiling.

Some people dislike the traditional New Year's ritual.


Tovah wants to stop us.

Keep your eye on the ball.

Nobody showed up today.


Jones's father is not listed on his birth certificate.


No joy without alloy.


Prophets have been forecasting the end of the world for centuries.

They possibly did not feel welcome.

It was here that I saw her.

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I wish I hadn't married him.


Alain focused all his attention on his cat.


I don't think we need to worry.

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He has two cats, one is white and one is black.

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She has many enemies in the political world.


I think the devil doesn't exist, but man has created him, he has created him in his own image and likeness.

Did Spot go, too?

Jamie wants to know how he can gain weight.

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That person you spoke about is my sister.

She wondered where Sam was and what he was doing.

Greg doesn't know Jeff is in Boston.


Mr Brown left for England on May 15.

We took refuge behind a big tree.

Are you responsible for all of this?

You may leave when you have finished the work.

Sony is a brand known around the world.

You have solved that well!

Darren bought Shutoku an expensive ring.

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Svante never read the book that Russell gave him.

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Excessive indulgence spoiled the child.

Floyd's father is older than mine.

When was the last time you mopped the room?